What Does It Mean to See a Flood in a Dream?

Seeing a flood in a dream is a sign of a big and powerful enemy, a cruel and despotic ruler, a cruel administrator, great discord and turmoil, or a victorious army that has won the war.

Sometimes a flood in a dream indicates being attacked by an enemy, a friend’s speech, rain, or false and false words. Seeing a flood in a dream also indicates fluid things such as honey, milk and olive oil.

Seeing a flood in your dream indicates that first a horseman will come from the side where the flood is seen, followed by a messenger on foot.

Sometimes flood dreams indicate that the road will be blocked by a lion, tiger, snake or a warrior.

Seeing an unseasonal flood in your dream indicates that there will be discord and turmoil from the direction where the flood comes from.

Seeing yourself running away from the flood in your dream indicates that you will have to go through a lot of trouble and get rid of the enemy.

Seeing a flood coming in the winter season in a dream indicates an evil community that is incompetent, rude and ignorant, causing corruption and creating anarchy.

Seeing yourself swimming through the flood waters and coming to land/shore is a sign of getting rid of a cruel ruler.

Anyone who sees himself being unable to cross flood waters and having to turn back in his dream should avoid sitting near a cruel judge or ruler and should not disobey his superiors and elders.

Seeing that you prevent the flood from filling your house is a sign of making an agreement with the enemy and preventing the harm that will come to you, your family and relatives.

Seeing a flood entering your house in your dream indicates marrying an immoral and stubborn woman.

Seeing a flood entering a residential area, if there is a disease such as plague or plague in the area where the flood comes, or if the flood is blood-colored and turbid, indicates that the disease in question will also occur in that residential area.

What does it mean to see a flood in a dream?

Seeing flood waters covering the earth indicates that a great disaster will befall the society, torment, enemy invasion or contagious diseases.

Seeing rain flowing in a flood in a dream is a sign of distress and torment, illness or a difficult journey.

All kinds of water seen overflowing in a dream is a sign of sadness, grief and calamity.

Seeing a bloody, turbid and dirty flood in a dream indicates divine wrath, epidemics such as plague, locust invasion, famine or oppression.

Seeing your house wall collapsed due to flood in your dream indicates losing your wife.

Seeing yourself dealing with flood waters is a sign of fighting against the enemy.

Anyone who dreams that he can cope with the flood will defeat his enemy.

A person who sees flood waters coming between him and the place he wants to go in his dream will encounter setbacks, will be upset and will not be able to achieve his desire.

Flood waters destroying buildings and foundations in a dream is a sign of the cruelty of state administrators.

Seeing flood waters invading the bazaar and bazaar in your dream is a sign of trouble and oppression.

Seeing the flood opening its way and flowing into the river is a sign of defeating the enemy or getting rid of the enemy’s evil with the help of someone.

People benefiting from flood waters in a dream is a sign of abundance and benefit.

Seeing in a dream that you fill flood waters into a container and give it to the people, and they feed themselves with it, indicates that foodstuffs will become cheaper.

Seeing yourself having or drinking from flood waters that do not overflow and harm is not feared in your dream indicates a good life and abundant sustenance.

Seeing a flood in cold places in a dream means loss; Seeing floods in hot countries is a sign of goodness, benefit and joy.

Seeing a powerful flood destroying the place it enters in a dream indicates the destruction of those living there.

Seeing a flood entering some people’s houses and carrying away goods and animals indicates an enemy who will plunder these houses or a disaster that will befall them.

In the dream, spring, river, well, etc. Seeing flooded and turbid water in places is not good; It is a harbinger of sadness, distress and grief.

Seeing flood water flowing hot is not considered good, it indicates disaster.

Surviving a Flood in a Dream

Seeing yourself being saved from the flood in your dream is auspicious and heralds that the person will be saved from difficulties and problems, will be relieved and will breathe easy. This dream is a sign of success and happiness. According to some interpreters, seeing yourself caught in a flood and being saved from it is a sign of being in trouble because of the state administrators.