What does it mean to have a toothache in a dream?

Having a toothache in a dream signifies trouble from family members or relatives. Applying medicine to a painful tooth is interpreted as being cured of grief. Before interpreting the meaning of seeing a toothache in a dream, it is useful to know which tooth means which. In Islamic dream interpretation, seeing a toothache in a dream means the following:

Upper teeth; to manhood,

Lower teeth; to femininity,
Front teeth; sons, daughters, siblings or parents,
Teeth next to the front teeth; to sorrow, to children and uncles,
Molar teeth; to the leaders of the dynasty,
Other remaining teeth; uncle and his children,
Back teeth; To the person who is far away from his relatives,
Teeth located on the right side of the front teeth; paternal and paternal relatives,
Teeth located on the left side of the front teeth; It refers to relatives on both maternal and paternal sides.

1- What is the Interpretation of Having a Toothache in a Dream?

According to the interpretations of some dream interpreters, toothache is a sign that you will soon receive good news. Sometimes, having a toothache in a dream indicates that you will encounter sarcastic remarks from your friends.

Seeing that your tooth hurts; It indicates that you will put your financial situation in trouble with an unexpected expense.

A painful tooth falling out in a dream indicates the death of a close and beloved relative. Seeing yourself falling without causing pain is interpreted as the death of a distant relative.

Seeing someone suffering from a toothache in your dream indicates the trouble one of your family members or relatives is going through. Sometimes, having a toothache indicates that the affairs of your friends and acquaintances are going bad.

Seeing yourself putting medicine on your aching tooth or having it pulled out in your dream; It signifies goodness and benefit, getting rid of grief and troubles.

Cabirü’l-Mağribî said: If a person sees himself making medicine for his aching tooth or having it pulled in a dream, it signifies goodness and benefit, and getting rid of grief and sorrow.

Seeing yourself suffering from a toothache indicates that you will hear bad words from the relative represented by that tooth. Feeling pain when teething again; He suffers disaster because of his relative.

At the same time, having a toothache in a dream signifies regretting sins and returning to God.

2- Feeling a toothache in a dream

It signifies hearing bad words. Seeing a pain or ache in the veins and nerves in your dream indicates sadness, grief and distress.

Seeing pain and ache in your lips in your dream indicates that your friends and acquaintances’ affairs are going bad.

Seeing that your teeth hurt; It indicates that you will experience sadness for yourself or your children.

Seeing that your teeth hurt and that you are writhing in pain; you will get goods

Cabir Mağribî: Seeing that your tooth hurts and holding your aching tooth with one hand; Seeing yourself holding it with both hands instead of gaining benefits; It means that you will get more goods.