What does it mean if a thief breaks into the house in a dream?

A thief entering the house in a dream signifies some enemies. If your house is burgled, you will achieve your goal after experiencing some problems. If you see that you are a thief, your affairs will be in ruins. If you chase the thief and eventually catch him, you will be victorious against your enemies. If a thief enters your house and steals some items in your dream, it means that you have some enemies.

If you saw your house being robbed, it means that you will achieve your goals after going through some troubles. If you saw yourself as a thief, your affairs will go wrong. If you are chasing and catching a thief, it means that you will prevail over your enemies.

A person who sees himself as a thief takes advantage of others. Anyone who sees someone else as a thief will suffer losses.

If you dream that a thief has entered your house and you are fighting with him, it means that you will suffer spiritual pain. It indicates that you entered a house to steal something or stole something from somewhere, and that you will suffer due to a disaster or calamity that will happen to one of the family members.

If one sees in his dream that a thief enters his house and steals some of his belongings, a person dies in his house. If a thief enters the house in a dream but does not steal anything, it indicates that someone there will be sick and then recover.

When he sees thieves attacking him and taking many of his belongings, he feels sad when he hears that a disaster has befallen a loved one. Seeing thieves coming to your house and running away without taking anything is a sign that a disaster will be prevented.

According to Caferi Sadık; A thief in a dream is interpreted as four things: illness, imprisonment, misery and lying. Having one of your belongings stolen in your dream and not knowing who stole it means that you will hear criticism from your elders about something you have done.

A thief entering the house in a dream and stealing the gold means that someone in the household will get sick.

If a thief steals an item and takes it away, it means that he is the owner of illicit property. If you and a thief steal something from somewhere, it means that you will be dismissed from your job. If he catches a thief stealing something and takes him to the police station, it indicates that he regrets something he did.

Seeing a thief entering your house and stealing one of your most valuable belongings indicates that one of your children will get sick. Seeing one of your children being called to the police station as a thief or being arrested and taken to prison is a sign that if he has a patient, his condition will worsen or he will suffer great harm from somewhere.

According to another rumor: Seeing a thief in a dream means illness and trouble. A thief entering the house and stealing money in your dream indicates seeing a bad person.

It is interpreted as the future of a thief, Azrael (A.S.), a guest or someone who wants to get married. If a person who is sick at home sees a thief entering his house and taking something, it indicates that the patient will die.

If a person sees a thief entering a house and not taking anything from there, it indicates that the patient in that house will recover from his illness.

Anyone who sees himself killing a thief in his dream will be cured of the disease. If a thief breaks into a house where there is a single girl, it indicates that there will be a bride-to-be for that girl.

A thief is defined as a deceitful person. It is defined as a thief or a person who commits adultery. It is interpreted as a thief, a person who hunts chickens and pigeons.

A thief is a person who backbites, slanders, and wants what he does not have. Sometimes it is also referred to as thief, predatory and wild animal, snake, devil and soul. If a person who collects money sees that he is a thief, he will learn good science. Sometimes a thief indicates adultery and stealing words from someone else’s mouth.

If a thief enters a house in a dream and steals his/her belongings from the house, it means that there will be an annoying situation in the house. If a thief breaks into the house and does not steal anything, one of the family members will become seriously ill. But he gets healed.

He saw that the thieves came and took many of his belongings; He is saddened by the disaster that befell a loved one. The situation of the person who sees the thief climbing the minaret and reciting the adhan will be known to everyone.