Seeing Wheat in a Dream

Seeing wheat in a dream is a very auspicious dream and is interpreted for good things. Here is the meaning of seeing wheat in a dream, which will make the dreamer happy.

Seeing wheat in a dream indicates an honorable property, gold, and a favor from the state, obtained with great effort and difficulty. Seeing yourself eating wheat in your dream means obeying Allah’s commands and being a virtuous person. Sometimes seeing wheat indicates going abroad, making a profit and being promoted in office. Anyone who sees himself getting wheat buys gold.

Meaning and Interpretation of Seeing Wheat in Your Dream

It indicates that you will become a very well-known person. Wheat seen in a dream indicates a righteous person who does not neglect his worship. Also, like some dreams, it creates various associations depending on the situation and place. It is sometimes interpreted as temporary sadness. Sometimes it describes a family with children or a pregnant woman. Sometimes it is considered a sign that the year will be fruitful.

Some commentators interpret the wheat with its ear as a woman. Seeing wheat with its yellow ears in a dream is interpreted as a disease in that person’s family. Collecting wheat from someone else’s field indicates that the dreamer will make ends meet.

Selling Wheat in a Dream

Seeing yourself selling wheat for a small amount of money is a sign of goodness and well-being, asceticism and taqwa (not having much respect for the world and being sincere in worship). Seeing that wheat is sold at a high price indicates that you will behave incorrectly in religion.

Buying Wheat in a Dream

Seeing yourself buying wheat in your dream is a sign of abundance and cheapness, having many children and wealth. Buying wheat indicates abundance and abundance of generations. Buying wheat in a dream means abundance, abundance and wealth.

Buying wheat for home in a dream indicates difficulty in making a living, and eating the purchased wheat indicates financial gain. Buying wheat for home means eliminating financial difficulties. Eating the purchased wheat indicates money gain.

Seeing yourself giving away wheat and getting barley instead indicates that the dreamer will be deceived in trade and shopping.

If a person sees himself buying wheat in a dream, it indicates that the dreamer will have abundance and children. If he sees himself planting wheat, it is interpreted that the dreamer will do good deeds.

If a person sees himself selling wheat, it indicates that the dreamer will be dismissed from his job. If one sees himself buying wheat from a wheat seller, it is considered a sign that the dreamer will find a job at the government gate.

Seeing a Wheat Market in a Dream

Seeing yourself going to the wheat market in your dream because you need wheat and touching the wheat there is a sign of success for the governor and administrators, and sustenance and wealth for others.

Seeing the wheat market and the sellers and piles of wheat here indicates financial difficulties for those who need wheat, and for others, it indicates the need and effort required for the continuation of the world.

Eating Wheat in a Dream

Anyone who sees himself eating fresh wheat obeys Allah, fulfills His commands, avoids His prohibitions, and does useful things. Eating dry and roasted wheat is not good and indicates sadness and grief. Eating bulgur wheat boiled in water is a sign of sustenance and abundance. Seeing that instead of wheat, bitter and inedible plants emerge from the wheat field, it is a sign of dubious wealth.

Eating green ears of wheat indicates worship, eating the dried ones indicates the awareness of servitude and the pleasure of worship.

Seeing yourself eating fresh wheat in your dream indicates that the dreamer is on the right path in terms of religion and that he is a respected person in his circle. Seeing yourself eating dry and cooked wheat in your dream is considered a sign that the dreamer will encounter something undesirable and unpleasant. Because eating dry wheat is not interpreted as good.

Collecting Wheat in a Dream

Seeing that you have accumulated wheat somewhere, but it spoils, indicates that you will not be able to benefit from the goods you will acquire.

Having wheat in a dream

A person who sees that he has wheat but does not touch it because he does not need it will attain dignity and honor.

Mixing Wheat in a Dream

Seeing the head of state or government mixing wheat indicates that there will be an increase in prices in the market. When a farmer mixes wheat in the threshing floor, it indicates abundance.

Seeing an ear of wheat in a dream

Seeing green ears with ripe grains is a sign of a year of abundance. Seeing dried ears on wheat stalks before their grains are full is a sign of a year of famine.

Ears of wheat gathered in one place are a sign of ill-gotten wealth and worldly wealth. Seeing green ears in your dream indicates that that year will be a year of cheapness and abundance.

Collecting Wheat in a Dream

Storing an ear of wheat in a dream: Seeing yourself hiding wheat as an ear is a sign of famine in the coming years. Collecting Ears: Collecting ears of grain that fall on the ground in a dream is a sign of receiving favor from a wealthy person.

Collecting Green Ears: Seeing the wheat being harvested while it is still green is a sign of mass deaths, confusion and war.

Harvesting Ears in a Dream

Reaping green ears, death of young people; Reaping yellow ears is a sign of the death of the elderly.

Wheat Bread in a Dream
planted wheat Seeing God is a sign of doing things for the sake of Allah and fighting in His way when necessary. Sometimes, breading wheat indicates a good sustenance to be earned with difficulty.

Seeing barley growing in the field where you planted wheat in your dream is a sign that the dreamer is a more righteous and good person than he seems. Instead of wheat, oats, rye, etc. are planted in the field. It indicates that an unexpected situation will occur.

Seeing blood coming out of the place where the wheat is planted is a sign of eating interest. The wife of anyone who sees himself planting wheat in his dream will become pregnant. Breading wheat in a dream is a sign of working for the sake of Allah (swt), fighting in His cause, and good sustenance despite difficulties.

If a person sees himself sowing wheat in his field, it indicates that that person longs for a child. If he sees that the wheat he planted immediately turns green, it is considered a sign that the dreamer will have a child.

Some commentators have also said that anyone who sees himself planting wheat will have a pregnant wife.

Seeing yourself replacing wheat with barley is a sign of replacing something valuable with something worthless and preferring poetry and odes to the Holy Quran.

Seeing wheat on the bed indicates that the woman is pregnant.

An ant taking wheat grains out of a place is a sign of secretly embezzling from the property of a partner or someone else.

Seeing ants carrying wheat from outside to inside is a sign of abundance and goodness.

Seeing yourself spitting on wheat or breaking your ablution is a sign of being ungrateful for blessings.

When barley grows from a wheat field, it is interpreted that the person is righteous and good from what he looks like.

Instead of wheat, use oats, rye, etc. an unexpected situation occurs,
Seeing clusters of wheat ears in one place indicates ill-gotten worldly wealth.
Collecting fallen ears of grain means receiving favor from a wealthy person.
Unseasonal and green wheat harvest causes mass deaths, discord and chaos,
Reaping the green ears to the death of the young,
reaping dry ears of grain leads to old death,
Replacing wheat with barley indicates replacing the valuable with the worthless.
Wheat seen on the bed indicates the woman’s pregnancy.

Grinding Wheat in a Dream

The wheat you see in your dream means sustenance. Seeing wheat being ground in a mill indicates that the guest that the dreamer has been waiting for will come.

Harvesting Wheat in a Dream

If a person sees that he is harvesting wheat out of season, it is interpreted that an epidemic disease will break out in that place. If the harvested wheat ears are yellow, it is predicted that the old people will die, and if they are green, the young people will die.