Seeing Soil in a Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Seeing land in a dream signifies a person and all the things he needs to maintain his existence; It indicates a person’s life and livelihood, sustenance. Soil is the symbol of news that will make the person happy. If the soil looks dry and infertile, it means you will have difficult times. In the dream, land is interpreted as property.

Land is sometimes a sign of doubt about religion or the final destination of a person. Seeing soil in your dream signifies people. Because people were created from soil. It will return to the ground again.

When a person sees soil, it signifies animals, the world and all creatures in the world. Because the sustenance of almost every living thing ends in the soil.

Meaning and Interpretation of Seeing Soil in a Dream

The dreamed soil is interpreted according to the situation, type and person. The dream of land sometimes means gaining goods and money, sometimes it means a poor person; Sometimes it is interpreted as the dead person or the grave.

Some commentators consider seeing land as a sign of migration and partnership. In general, seeing land in a dream means having family and children, providing sustenance and a long life for the dreamer. Sometimes it is a sign of fertile years, sometimes it is a sign of satiety, hunger and famine.

It is said that sitting on clean and beautiful soil brings happiness and receiving help.

Sometimes soil is an evidence of doubt about religion or the final destination of a person.

If a patient digs the ground, it means trouble, if a traveler sees himself digging the ground, it means he will earn money, and if a single person digs the ground, it means he will get married. (See also: Digging soil in a dream.)

Seeing that it is soil means breaking one’s arrogance, retreating into seclusion, or increasing one’s worth and value in the eyes of people.

Shaking off the soil in one’s hand or on one’s person means extinguishing property for the rich, paying one’s debt for the poor, and returning the trust to its owner.

Any kind of dealing with soil signifies abundance, abundance, profit and worldly wealth.

Seeing land in a dream means abundance, wealth, trust, peace in working life, peace at home, home, property. If the soil is not muddy at the same time, it always indicates a good situation for the dreamer.

Seeing land in a dream is interpreted as property. Anyone who sees that there is a pile of soil in his house will earn money effortlessly.

Seeing Colored Soil in a Dream

Some commentators have described the yellow soil seen in the dream as gold. White earth to silver; red earth to copper; They interpreted black soil as black money.

Anyone who sees himself shaking off the dirt on himself will waste his money. Seeing yourself eating soil or collecting soil and keeping it in piles is evidence of a lot of profit.

Seeing that the soil he put in a container has decreased, indicates that the people of the house are causing trouble for him. Seeing yourself putting soil into an earring or pot and hiding it indicates that you are accumulating goods and money for your family; Seeing the wind lifting the soil from one place and blowing it to another place means that the people’s property will be lost due to cruelty in that place. Seeing our Prophet (PBUH) eating from the soil found in his shrine indicates that he will go on pilgrimage.

If the person who shakes the soil from his hands and off and makes it fall to the ground is rich, he will have financial expenses and need. If he is a debtor or has a trust in his hand, he pays his debt, gives the trust to its owner, and from then on, all the money he has goes into the land.

Hitting the ground with your hand and stirring the soil is a sign of fighting, partnership and profit. Walking on the ground or hitting the ground with a cane is a sign of an auspicious journey.

Other Interpretations About Seeing Soil in a Dream

According to Cafer-i Sadık (RA), seeing soil in a dream is explained in five ways:

to obtain goods,

Reaching the benefit,
having a job,
Abundance in worldly affairs,
It means not having trouble making ends meet by plowing the land.
According to another rumor: Land is a sign to people. Sometimes it is a sign for animals, the world and the creatures in the world. Soil is a sign of the poor, the dead and the grave.

The ground a traveler digs is his journey, and the soil he digs is the goods and benefits he will gain.

Seeing land in a dream indicates that your needs will be met quickly and your promise will be fulfilled.

Some interpreters say that walking on the land means demanding goods. Therefore, if he saves or eats the land, he accumulates wealth and gets wealth.

If the land is for someone else, the property is for someone else. If something is loaded from the soil, it will benefit as much as it is loaded. If he plows his house and collects soil from the house in his dream, he steals goods from his wife by cheating.

If he accumulates land from his own inn and shop, he will accumulate goods by increasing his income. If he sees himself walking with soil in his palm, he will gain wealth. If he sees himself sweeping soil from the chimney of his house and throwing it out, his wife’s property will be lost.

Seeing soil falling from the sky, but not much, is good and does no harm. A person who sees that his own house is destroyed and nothing is touched by dust and soil will receive property from the inheritance. If he puts the land on his head, he will get wealth in an ugly way.

On someone’s head, eyes, etc. Seeing someone sprinkle soil is a sign that the person who sprinkles soil will inherit property to the person sprinkled with soil in order to make it conform to his/her own desires. If there is a lot of soil raining from the sky, it is interpreted as the coming torment.

It is a sign. If there is a lot of soil raining from the sky, it is interpreted as the coming torment. Seeing yourself sweeping your shop and taking out the soil along with the fabric is a sign of migrating from one place to another.

Soil is the life and life of man. Land is a sign of sustenance, agriculture, hunger and help. Sitting on clean and beautiful soil is a sign of happiness and help. It is a sign of a difficult journey that requires seeing land and tayammum.

Seeing soil in a dream; To see that you shake off the soil on your property, abundant income; To spend one’s wealth, to see the wind blowing away the land; Digging the ground instead of the local people being oppressed and suffering from poverty; It is a sign of starting a profitable business.

Buying sand and soil in a dream means poverty, need. Grief, sadness, greed and ambition are also signs of taking bribes for those in duty.

Seeing Soil in Your Hand in a Dream

Seeing soil in one’s hand in a dream usually indicates profit and interest. It is associated with soil, human life, sustenance, aid and worldly possessions. In particular, it signifies loss of property for a rich person who shakes the land in his hands, and it signifies payment of debt or return of trust for the debtor or entruster. Earth is also linked to issues such as fighting, partnership, and profit.