Seeing Pooping in a Dream

Seeing poop in a dream is associated with wealth and cleanliness. Seeing human feces in a person’s dream indicates that that person will gain property and money. The meaning of seeing poop is interpreted as getting rid of thoughts and worries.

Danyal (a.s.) said: Seeing human dirt in a dream signifies illicit property. Animal manure is considered halal goods. Seeing an animal coming out while performing ablution in a dream signifies a child to be born. If the animal seen is male, the child will be a boy; if it is female, the child will be a girl.

Seeing yourself sitting on poop or dung in your dream is a sign of illicit property to be obtained from relatives or inheritance.

Hazrat Ibn Sirin said: Seeing yourself breaking ablution in your dream signifies loss of wealth. Seeing him do this in a place such as a toilet or ablution room is a sign of charity.

Anyone who sees himself diving into dirt in his dream will be addicted to grief and sorrow. Seeing yourself falling into the ablution room indicates a sin and humiliation. Seeing yourself performing ablution in a secluded and empty place in your dream is a sign of salvation from sadness, grief and distress.

If a single person sees himself performing his ablution in an unknown place, it means that he will marry a woman from that place.

Ibn Sirin (rh.a.) said: Seeing yourself breaking ablution in your dream is a sign of getting rid of sorrow and grief. If he has property, he gives zakat. Seeing that he produces dry impurity indicates that he will spend some of his wealth for his well-being. ablution
Seeing it coming out watery indicates that all your property will be destroyed.

Also, seeing all the people looking at him while he is breaking his ablution in a dream is interpreted as bad. Seeing that one’s ablution smells bad in a dream indicates that illicit property will be obtained. Seeing him perform his ablution in his own bed is a sign of separation from his wife.