Seeing Plums in a Dream

Seeing plums in season in a dream signifies loss or sustenance. Eating plums for a patient signifies healing. Plums seen out of season signify sadness, grief and illness. Seeing plums in your dream indicates that you will be betrayed by someone you least expect. It is interpreted that seeing ripe plums brings happiness. Collecting plums indicates that you will not achieve your ambitions.

Seeing plums on time in your dream means sustenance. Again, seeing a plum indicates that there is a loss. Plums seen unseasonably in a dream are a sign of illness, sadness and grief. If a patient sees himself eating plums in a dream, it indicates that he will be cured of his illness. Again, dreaming of plums indicates that the life in the family is very good and orderly.

Seeing a black plum fruit in your dream signifies a good doctor. Plum dreams vary in meaning depending on the type of plum tree.
Seyyid Süleyman said: Seeing red or black plums in their season and also sweet; It indicates the production of goods.

Abu Said’ul Vaaz said: If the person who eats plums in his dream is sick, he will be healed. If he is not sick, he continues to live healthy.

Ripe plums are a sign of happiness. If you saw yourself picking plums in your dream, it means that you can make your dreams come true. Plum seen on the tree indicates wealth. It is interpreted according to the color and beauty of the plum. Again, seeing a plum tree in the orchard is a sign of a child who will learn knowledge and good manners.

Seeing plums in your dream and in their season, no matter what color they are, if they are sweet, it means that you will get goods. If one sees himself eating plums in his dream, he will recover if he is sick, and if his health is damaged, he will recover. According to another rumor: Seeing it on time is a risk. If it is seen out of season, it means illness or sadness and grief. If the patient sees himself eating plums in his dream, his illness will be cured.

Seeing plums in a dream

Seeing a priest’s plum in a dream indicates that the person will begin to get rid of his psychological problems. It is interpreted that the dreamer will experience happy and beautiful days from now on. If the dreamer does not have a child, it indicates that he will have problems and troubles about something he plans to do with someone he loves. It tells that the person will fall into a trap set by his enemies. It tells that someone will damage the dreamer’s property. It indicates that there will be an increase in the dreamer’s problems. If a permanent solution is not found, it means that he will have a difficult life and will have problems with managers in his business life.