Seeing a Genie in a Dream

Seeing a genie in a dream means a deceitful person; seeing the genie nearby; It is a sign of disappointment. Seeing a genie is interpreted as a person who likes to cheat. Anyone who sees that he is a genie in his dream will have many tricks. The genie seen in the dream is a sign of a person who cheats for his personal gain. Seeing a genie in a dream indicates a deceitful, despicable person. Being possessed by a demon is interpreted as haram possession and dealing with spells. Seeing a demon in the house indicates that evil will happen to your home and property. Asking for help from the genie indicates that you are willing to go on various adventures.

The Meaning and Interpretation of Seeing a Genie in a Dream

Seeing a scholar, a doctor, a kind and well-spoken genie in your dream means receiving help and kindness from someone you don’t know. Being a genie in a dream indicates being a very deceitful person.

At the same time, seeing a genie standing near the door of your house in your dream means that you will have an unfulfilled vow or you will suffer losses, you will suffer from hardship, and the dreamer will be in trouble.

Seeing Possession in a Dream

Seeing oneself possessed by a demon in a dream is a sign of eating interest, haram, and doing magic. Sometimes seeing yourself possessed by a demon is a sign of being upset and grieving by losing your property.

Seeing a man possessed by a demon or possessed by a demon in a dream is a sign of a person who makes usury his profession or someone who cries for the worldly possessions he has lost. If a person is possessed by a demon in a dream, it indicates a grumpy, shy and troublesome relative.

Being Possessed by a Jinn in a Dream

Seeing yourself chatting with a genie in your dream or being haunted by a genie in your dream is a sign of being close to someone who is curious and learns about people’s situations. There is no need to worry about being haunted by a demon in your dream. Before going to sleep, go to bed by reading the Surahs Ayet-el Kursi, Falaq and Nas. If these dreams recur, read the adhan loudly in your room before going to sleep. Such dreams are usually interpreted as a deceitful enemy close to you.

Sometimes seeing a jinn in a dream indicates pests such as snakes and scorpions and the emergence of things that will disturb people.

Jinn Entering the House in a Dream

Seeing jinns entering your house and doing something in your dream indicates that an enemy or thief has entered the house. Jinns found in houses are a sign of evil and naughty neighbors.

If he sees the genie standing near his door, that person will be harmed or it indicates that he has a vow to make or that he will suffer from hardship and humiliation.

If one sees jinn entering someone’s house and doing something, enemies or thieves will enter his house and cause harm to that person.

Trying to Teach the Quran to Jinns in a Dream

Seeing yourself trying to teach the Quran to the jinns or listening to the Quran recited by one of the jinns in your dream is a sign for a qualified person to reach an important position and become a ruler. Dealing with jinns in a dream by giving and receiving something indicates an auspicious and fruitful business.

Seeing a Jinn in Human Disguise in a Dream and Being Afraid
Sometimes seeing a genie disguised as a human in a dream signifies land, sea and air travel.

If the jinn in human form seen in your dream is a jinn that says good things and gives good news, recommends goodness and forbids evil, this is a Muslim jinn and seeing such a jinn disguised as a human is interpreted as good.

Seeing Jinns in a Dream

Jinns in a dream are a sign of drinking and gambling, committing all kinds of haram acts recklessly, purse-snatching and theft, going to places of entertainment, using musical instruments, singing folk songs, whistling, or a rich person who spends his earnings in pleasure and pleasure.

Seeing a Jinn in a Dream Who Foretells Evil

The jinn who talks about evil in the dream, gives pessimistic news, praises evil and advises not to do good, is an unbelieving jinn. When you see such a jinn in your dream, you need to seek refuge in Allah from his evil by saying “euzu basmala”.

Marrying a Jinn in a Dream

Seeing yourself marrying a jinn in a dream indicates falling in love with an immoral and disobedient woman and buying a grumpy binit.

Seeing Hazan marrying a jinn is a sign of owning property and having hidden wealth.

Keeping a Genie in a Dream

Seeing yourself imprisoning a demon or tying it in a chain in your dream is a sign of taking an enemy captive or protecting yourself from sin by breaking the desires of your soul by fasting.

Wrestling with a Jinn in a Dream

Seeing a demon laying on the ground is a sign of being safe from the evil of the enemy. If the owner of this dream is competent and deserving of property, it is a sign of property that is owned or buried. Anyone who sees himself being knocked down by jinns will be touched by jinns and will be harmed by the jinns. Sometimes the one who sees this dream eats interest.

Being Knocked Down by Jinns in a Dream

Being knocked down by demons in a dream means being harmed by a demon or an enemy or incurring interest.

Seeing a Leader Genie in a Dream

It refers to the leaders of the jinn, leaders and managers of people, scholars and teachers or collectors.

Being Friends with Jinns in a Dream

Jinns in dreams

Seeing that you are friends with the leaders of the people is a sign of meeting a prominent administrator, being a well-known person, being interested in the priesthood, and becoming a police inspector.

Sometimes, seeing yourself making friends with the leaders of the jinn is also a sign of repenting and doing good deeds in line with guidance, learning the Quran and science, and becoming a child educator and teacher.

Seeing Jinn in Residential Areas in a Dream

The jinn seen in open areas and on the roads is a sign of road blockers. Jinn seen in the bathhouse and the well are a sign of men and women committing adultery.

Receiving something from a genie in a dream indicates burning fire and things such as glass, porcelain and ceramics produced in fire.

Sometimes it is a sign of ground pests such as demons, snakes, scorpions and lizards seen anywhere or the emergence of some situations that will disturb people.

Cleanly dressed jinns seen in mosques and beautiful places indicate that these beings are Muslims.

Seeing a jinn in a dream sometimes indicates traveling by land and sea, stealing, theft, adultery, drinking, heretical places, churches, shops, singing folk songs, wealth and musical instruments.

Chatting with a Genie in a Dream

The person who sees himself chatting with the jinn will be close to the person who is aware of the situation of the travelers and the secret owners.

Seeing demons also indicates jugglers and magicians. Anyone who sees himself marrying a jinn will become addicted to a disobedient and sinful person. Sometimes that person buys a naughty riding mule.

Seeing a Genie in a Sheet in a Dream

Seeing a jinn in a chador in a dream is associated with a deceitful person and represents a great enemy, fear and a smart but deceitful man. If a person sees a chador-clad genie entering his house in his dream, it indicates that a thief will enter his house.