Seeing a Balloon in a Dream

As it is known, the inside of a balloon is full of air and therefore, seeing a balloon in a dream signifies false hope and empty dreams. Seeing that you inflate a balloon but it does not inflate is a sign that you will not be able to achieve your hopes and desires. Also, if you see yourself getting on a balloon and rising with it in your dream, it also indicates that your honor and reputation will increase.

1- The Meaning and Interpretation of Seeing a Balloon in a Dream

Seeing balloons in your dream due to empty air indicates difficulties in achieving your goals. It indicates that you should be more careful in order not to make mistakes in the decisions you make, otherwise your business will go wrong. In addition, the person who sees a balloon in his dream encounters something that has never crossed his mind.

2- Seeing yourself flying a balloon in your dream

Flying balloons and holding on to them in your dream indicates that you will gain profit and goodness from your work. To explain, seeing yourself flying a balloon in your dream indicates that you will get good results from something you bought. At the same time, seeing a balloon flying straight in the air is a sign that the government’s affairs are on the right track. According to a rumor, it indicates that the dreamer is on the right track in his business.

3- Seeing yourself blowing up a balloon in your dream

Balloons in a dream signify false hope. Seeing that you inflate a balloon but it does not inflate in your dream indicates that the things you expect cannot be achieved. Seeing that the air does not come out and the balloon does not deflate even though the balloon is inflated and leaves its mouth open, indicates that the money he will earn will not be of any use to him.

4- Seeing a Balloon Exploding in a Dream

Seeing the balloon you inflated bursting means that you will lose money in trade; If he is sick, he will get sick more; If he has a passenger, it means that he will not come, and if he is a civil servant, it means that he will quit his job. Seeing the balloon explode in your hand in your dream; It indicates that you will be faced with an annoying slander no matter how it is seen. Seeing the balloon burst in your hand indicates that you will be slandered but the truth will be understood later.

5- Buying Honey in a Dream

According to some; It is good to buy a balloon in a dream. For this reason, seeing yourself buying a balloon from a balloon seller indicates that you will hear a lie; Seeing the balloon he received from his hands and rising into the sky means that he is loved and appreciated by his friends.

6- Seeing the Balloon Rising into the Air in Your Dream

Again, according to some; If one sees a balloon slowly rising into the air in his dream, he will rise slowly from his current position and thus increase his income. In return, it is said that he will be successful in his work.

7- Seeing the Balloon Land on the Ground

Seeing the balloon he is on slowly descending towards the ground is a sign that he will step aside, degrading from the rank he has gained. Seeing one side of the balloon get injured and falling down indicates that you will be accused of a crime and therefore will be dismissed from your job. Seeing the balloon break apart indicates a disaster and calamity.

Seeing a Flying Balloon in a Dream

Seeing a flying balloon in a dream is auspicious and expresses one’s desire and hopes to achieve one’s dreams. It may also indicate that you will receive good news. It also indicates especially high ideals and expectations. It indicates that the person will gain rank and position and achieve his worldly desires. At the same time, it symbolizes the pure intentions and innocence within. When seen in a dream, a flying balloon signifies relief and joy.