Kissing the President’s Hand in a Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

What Does It Mean to Kiss the President’s Hand in a Dream? The Meaning of Kissing the President’s Hand in a Dream

Kissing the president’s hand in a dream indicates goodness and favor that will come from the dreamer, high authorities and statesmen. It is a sign that the person will reach a position or position he deserves and will be respected and appreciated. In particular, it means that his sustenance and fortune will increase and that good doors will be opened for him. The dreamer will have a position and position, and will have a prestigious and respected position in society. It is a sign that the person will come to the place he deserves.

Seeing yourself kissing the President’s hand in your dream indicates that you will have moral values and thus gain respect in society.

It also indicates that he will do good deeds and will be rewarded for these deeds. It means that the dreamer will achieve great success in his business or private life. It also indicates positive news that you will receive in the near future.

Kissing the hand of any President in a person’s dream expresses his love and gratitude to the people he respects, cares about and considers valuable in his life. It is also interpreted that his position in society will be high and his status and stance against authority will progress.

As a result, kissing the president’s hand in a dream indicates that the person will receive good deeds from high authorities, reach the position he deserves and gain respect in society. This dream symbolizes having moral values, doing good deeds and getting rewarded for it. It also reflects the person’s love and respect for the people he cares about in his life.