Feeding pigeons in a dream!

Feeding and flying pigeons in a dream; For single people, it means marrying a nice, good person who suits their nature. Seeing yourself feeding a pigeon in your dream indicates a loyal and devoted woman. Feeding a pigeon in a dream is interpreted as a reliable messenger, loyal friend and lover.

Seeing a pigeon flying indicates news coming from afar and your wishes being fulfilled by Allah Almighty. No matter what shape and situation it is seen in, feeding pigeons signifies joy and happiness.

A single man who sees a pigeon in his house will marry a moral and beautiful girl who suits his temperament.

Feeding pigeons and flying them in a dream; It means good news. The dove perched among the flowers is news about love and the beloved, telling about your future. A pigeon flying close indicates that you will receive news very quickly.

Two pigeons building a nest together is a sign of peace and happiness. Seeing yourself feeding pigeons in your dream means good, pure and good news that will come soon. It is good news.

Feeding a pigeon in a dream is interpreted as clean and good news. A pigeon flying close is a sign of quick news. A dove landing on a rose tree or among flowers is news about the lover. The dove that lands on a person’s shoulder is again good news.

Kirmani said: Seeing a pigeon in a dream; It is referred to as wife or concubine. Anyone who sees that a pigeon has been given to him as a gift will be happy to receive benefits and blessings from a distant place.

The person who finds pigeon meat gets goods. Pigeon chicks represent single girls or children. He who sees a dove flying towards him in his dream will receive good news from a distant place.

What does it mean to feed pigeons in a dream?

White pigeons are very good for feeding. A black dove signifies reunion with a guest or a relative abroad. This is the way to feed the city pigeon.

Feeding a pigeon that lands on the head, shoulder or neck; It is the action of the dreamer. This dream is interpreted according to the beauty or ugliness of the pigeon. The one who feeds many pigeons becomes the leader of a tribe and, in the current sense, the manager of an organization.

According to some tabirciler, the person who feeds pigeons will have a daughter. If the animal is not competent; The dream is a harbinger of marriage.

Feeding pigeons on the eaves of one’s house, on a tree, on a balcony or in front of a window in a dream is a sign of a guest. He who sees many pigeons coming to his house and feeding them; There will be many family members, relatives and guests.

Cabir’ül Mağribi said: The best pigeon to see in a dream is the green one. Abu Said’ul Vaaz said: Pigeon meat is property.

The pigeon fed in the dream is a reliable ambassador, loyal friend and lover. Sometimes, feeding pigeons in a dream signifies innocent women who keep the secrets and endure difficulties and hardships for their family.

If he sees that he has many pigeons flying, it indicates that he will give charity to his wife and concubines, or his wife will give birth, or she will be pregnant.

It is reported that Ibn Sirin (R.A.) said that a pigeon in a dream signifies news coming from afar.

Some interpreters said that the wishes and desires of those who feed pigeons in their dreams will come true.

What does it mean to see yourself feeding pigeons in your dream?

According to Kirmani’s interpretation:

Feeding pigeons in a dream is interpreted as a partner, whether male or female.
If a person sees himself being given a pigeon as a gift in his dream; Seeing yourself shooting a pigeon in your dream means that you will receive good news from a distant place; that someone will slander someone,

Seeing yourself sending pigeon meat to someone in your dream; It is interpreted that that person will get a lot of goods and money.
Seeing a black pigeon coming to you in your dream; If you have a man abroad, he will come or a guest will honor your home,
Seeing yourself hunting a city pigeon in your dream; Instead of being talked about because of a woman,
Seeing yourself hunting a white pigeon in your dream; that you will be happy,
Seeing a pigeon landing on your head, shoulder or neck in your dream; It indicates that you are a good and knowledgeable person.
Seeing yourself feeding many pigeons in your dream; It indicates that he will be the president of an institution.